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Welcome to Mujeres (Women) in Charge, a women's community dedicated to supporting women by breaking mental health stigmas in our cutlures and community while also making new friends. We understand the unique challenges that women face when it comes to mental health and the stigma and taboos we were raised with. We aim to provide a safe and empowering space for women to heal and thrive by being themselves and not feeling obligated to change for others. Founded in 2023 we have been able to provide free, or low cost therapy, spanish therapy resources, hosted events where women have met new friends and also grown their business.

Join the Mujeres in Charge movement and embark on a journey towards mental wellness awareness, new friendships and helping others.

How We Aim To Make a Difference

Empowering women through therapy

Providing accessible mental health services & resources to women in a safe space.world.

Hosting women's events

Hosting fun & inclusive events where women can meet likeminded friends, support locally owned businesses while having fun.

Supporting women run businesses

Supporting and sharing women owned businesses through our platform

Who am I?

My name is Katherine and I’m the founder of Mujeres in Charge a Latin community built to break the mental health stigma in the Latino culture.

For as long as I can remember I have struggled with mental health, having many other health issues alongside didn't make things easier. I had heard so many horror stories about medications to treat anxiety that I was always scared and embarrassed to talk to anyone about it, especially coming from a culture with very limited resources. Now as a women in my 30's I share my journey and want to help others understand the importance of mental health. This group is so close to my heart as its meant for women to meet new friends, be open about our struggles and realized that once you start talking about mental health and its struggles, you're actually part of a big club.

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See what some of our mujeres have to say

"The page and idea behind MIJ has helped me with stepping out of comfort zone and leaving my house after dealing with postpartum, made new friends and connected with boss women and grew my business. Lastly Im finally more comfortable speaking up about Mental Health.”

– Camila

"I have wanted to try therapy for years but it felt nerve wrecking and embrassing. Having MIJ help with providing free therapy I finally took the leap and am so happy I did this for myself.”

– Marta

"At MIJ events, I’ve made valuable connections, gained new friendships, and had lots of fun. Kat, the driving force behind it all, is not only inspiring, funny & hardworking but has also created a platform for women to engage in fun activities while discussing mental health.”

– Angela

“As a mom to teens who became a mom fairly early & due to my cultural upbringing I never took the time to address my mental health. Now as my kids are growing I came across this page and it has helped me understand so many taboos and stigma I grew up with that I don’t want my kids to go through. Its something thats great for our community to FINALLY talk about.”


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